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Bars with Maple Syrup and Hemp Seeds

About us

Peter and Zdenka Shields started the business of selling hemp products under the name of Mahem Pride of Lanark Hemp Products. Originally, the idea was to plant the seed, and with the help of a friend, the farmer who rented the land, to grow and sell the seed to a processor, Hemp Oil Canada. After that Peter's thought to create some kind of product in a combination of maple syrup and hemp nuts became real. The new Mahem bar was born. In 2003, the bar in its plain and milk chocolate format was created with the same candy recipe used by the Village Treats, a chocolatier in Balderson, Ontario. After a few adjustments which were made to the ingredients, the bars were sold and given away in promotions to the health food stores in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Meantime, the Hahnemann Homeopathic Clinic in Ottawa was asked to include the dark chocolate coat on the bars, and the additional third bar was introduced to the market, and became as the seller number one. At the same time, Mahem assumed distributorship for hulled hemp seed and other hemp products from the Hempoil Canada, the hemp seeds, hulled and whole, being packed under the Pride of Lanark Label. Presently, the main supplier of hemp seeds is the young farmer Reuben Stone, who is the part of the Stone Farm, located in Cobden, Ontario, and is supplying both pesticide free (only adding nitrogen fertilizer) and certified USDA organic hemp seeds via the Purity Hemp, processing facility in Peterborough, Ontario. The maple syrup is supplied by the  Lanark County's Diane Coutt's farme'r store in Rideau Ferry, Ontario.

Later on, Peter wanted to introduce the new kind of Mahem Protein Bar to satisfy those ones who has some kind of health concerns as is the diabetes, the gluten free diet, or just to maintain certain life style. Unfortunately, Peter's untreatable long term illness disrupted our plans, and we kept the business at the same way as it was established at the beginning. Despite of the great help of many doctors and nurses in Ottawa, and in Smith Falls, or Perth, Peter had to leave us. 
Therefore not only for him, but also for the family members, our friends and all of those who became almost addicted to our delicious Mahem Bars, I would like to continue his mission.